100 million mask challenge

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Our healthcare workers do not have the supplies they need. Please join me in making handmade masks to help keep our hero’s safe!

our goal

Sew Away Corona’s goal is to match the maker with the ones in need. Makers are volunteers who will make handmade mask covers using their own supplies and will ship directly to those in need.

Flattening the curve

Unfortunately the NY/NJ area leads in this COVID-19 pandemic. Our healthcare workers are out there everyday fighting as best as they know how and unfortunately there’s a shortage of masks they need to help protect themselves. This is our way of giving them support so we can all fight this together!

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If you have a question or would like to support, please feel free to reach out and we;ll get back to you ASAP.

Disclaimer: we are making handmade N95 mask covers. These are not intended to prevent COVID19, other viruses or bacteria. The goal is to extend the life of the medical equipment we have because of the current shortage. Please note we are not giving medical advice on this site and we recommend you refer to and adhere to CDC guidelines.

Terms and Conditions: Anyone who requests fabric mask covers or other items requested and those making agree to the following:
These are not medical protective equipment (PPE) and we do not have any evidence that it’s use will prevent disease. All products are used at your own discretion. You are responsible for determining if it should or should not be used. CDC guidelines must be followed at all times during this process and every item must be checked and sanitized. We cannot promise all requests will be filled. Seamstresses / those sewing and making are responsible for own costs ( shipping and material ). Also please accept and note personal information including name, email and address will be given to volunteers who are making covers. This information will be shared and may be public on Sew Away Corona website. I ( or my organization) hereby hold Sew Away Corona harmless for any injury up to and including death that occurs to me or others as a result of my use of the fabric mask covers or any items received. I agree to indemnify from any liability associated with the use of the mask covers including but not limited to liability arising as a result of my failure to abide by any of the above. Any communication or exchange must agree to all terms. By participating you are agreeing to our terms.